Big Belt Theory

The January 25, 2012 Rachael Ray episode was “Culinary Scene Investigation” .  Marg Helgenberger was on to spill about her last episode on CSI (the audience wasn’t too sad though, she gave away CSI: Season 11 DVD Sets).  Did you see her last episode?  Catherine was never one of my favourite characters, but it did make me kind of sad!

One of the segments had Marie Claire’s Senior Fashion Editor,  Zanna Roberts Rassi.  She talked about the “Big Belt Theory“; the theory that a belt can create an illusion of a perfectly proportioned body by using belts.  So she showed solutions for short-waisted, hourglass or long-waisted people.
To figure this out you need to use a tape measure,  Measure from your hip to your bust, then measure from your bust to the top of your head.

Determine your type if:

The hip to bust measurement is shorter than the bust to hip
You have a Short Waist (aka short torso).  Try wearing a lower slung waist, putting the belt around the lower hips.

The hip to bust measurement is longer than the bust to hip
You are lucky and long waisted, with a longer torso. So to fakea waist, use a belt that contrasts with your top or dress.  And put it higher on the waist.  I love that cute top from  Zara!

Zara Top

If neither apply – you might have an hourglass figure.  Apparently the “perfect” hourglass figure  is a 9-inch smaller waist than your bust.  So to draw attention to your smaller waist, maybe try a bright coloured belt.

Zara said advises to never use a belt wider than an inch and a half.

Finally there was a musical performance by:
Matt Nathanson – Modern Love