Shopping Guide

Shopping Tips

Plan Ahead

Decide what you are going to get.  Set aside time to shop.  Decide if you are going to do it all at once and get everything you need in one shopping trip, or if you are going to fit in a purchase here and there between your other errands. Decide where you are going or if you are going to do it all online.

Dress comfortably

Dress in comfortable clothing if you are going out. If you are staying home, wear your comfiest pyjamas and skippers.  Otherwise,  use slip on shoes and wear socks, to easily change out of pants and to try on shoes.  Try to empty your purse of all non-essentials.  This will make it easier to haul around, plus give you extra room to tote around your purchases in.


Decide how much you are going to spend on each item on your list, or for each person on your list if you are shopping for gifts.  Also, decide how you are going to pay.  Are you going to use your credit card to take advantage of any points, miles or any cash back it offers.  If so,  try using just one card.  It will make it easier to track your spending!  If you want to use cash to prevent spontaneous over spending.  In that case,  try using the envelope technique.  Get an envelope, fill it with the maximum amount you are going to spend, and then replace whatever you spend with the receipts.


Bring along your own drink and a snack (like a bottle of water and a granola bar) so you won’t waste time at the food court.  And bring your own bags.  It’s more environmentally friendly, plus some places may even charge you for a plastic one now!