Eco Friendly Earth Day Finds on Bobbi’s Buzz

Show:  The Today Show
Segment:  Bobbie’s Buzz
Date:  April 20, 2012
Theme:  Earth Day Eco Finds

For the Earth Day edition of Bobbie’s Buzz, Bobbie tried to find eco-friendly things that were both stylish and eco-friendly.

Her first find is from an Etsy seller that reclaims old stiletto shoes, and turns them into planters for succulent plants.  You can find them at:

The next item she showed were pens that last up to seven (yup, 7!) years.  Bobbie states that 100 million pens are discarded every day. I don’t know about ‘discarding’ them,  but I sure lose a lot!  Anyways these are from Seltzer Goods.

The last item she showed was: My Blue Eco Drinking Can.  For people that like the feeling of drinking out of a can that they can open up.  They are resealable containers that look like cans that you can fillup with your drink, but seem like you are drinking out of a can.  They come in different colours too, like black, red green, and the blue shown.

To see the video, check it out here:

And Bobbie’s website is



Bright Colours for Spring Decorating

“Flip! for Decorating” author Elizabeth Mayhew was on the Today show on April, Friday the 13th, to discuss runway trends making their way into the home with bright colours.  Elizabeth suggested the trends are:


Elizabeth says the key is a pop of colour.  “A shot of colour is a great way to move your eye around a room”.  She had gorgeous hot pink chairs.  She suggested using them as a way to update a dark wood table.


A modernized version has been blown up to see the large pattern.  Instead of an old fashioned look from lace curtains,  Elizabeth suggested using a bright colour behind the curtains so the lace pops.

Bold Patterns (Ikat)

So mixing and matching colours and patterns is in. Lots of Big, Bold Patterns, including a lot of Ikat patterns(Ikat is a pattern that looks kind of like tie dye)  I loved the grey and white Pouf (I just love pouf ottomans!).  Elizabeth suggests sticking to accessories for patterns and leaving the big pieces neutral.

Colour Blocking

To mix colour blocking right,  keep within a single colour palette,  and then add a shot of contrasting colour.  She used teal and blue sheets on a bed with a bright orange pillow.


Some of the sources she used were: West Elm, Target,, Anthropologie, Garnet Hill, Container Store, Ikea, ABC Carpet, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Dwell Studios, Z Gallerie, Urban Outfitters.


You can also get the book if you  want:

Flip! for Decorating Book on Amazon